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 Hello - I have an urgent prayer request for my Dad who is having a SERIOUS spinal NECK fusion operation on Thursday morning - October forth.  Thank you please to pray for a flawless operation where GOD's hand is supremely covering this operation with His angels as well on hand. That GOD would give the Dr. Supreme alertness, knowhow, wisdom, excellence and that the operation would be more than a success and the healing affects for my dad would go from the top of his head down to the bottom of his toes--that his recovery would be speedy and also would help him with his problem in his legs and lower spine as well. Thanks also to give my dad's nurses supreme care and concern, wisdom and Grace in this process.  Also I have a friend who's cousin--Amanda--has had complications with her spinal operation and is in ICU--Please pray for EVER speedy recovery with GOD's hand immediate healing presence!!  Thank you for your urgently needed prayers for my Dad and Amanda and your care and heartfelt loving prayers for them.


 Please pray for court October 3rd 930am for 7 year old child relocation.   Pray for my sons Daniel and Aaron.  My spiritual life, physical health, finances, good paying job in Tampa Florida.  Salvation for Ingrid Borbor.  Traveling mercy's Thursday.


 I need prayer for my daughter who is going through a divorce and has seem to just give up on everything. She is a Christian but she has been hurt so bad that I'm really afraid that she might not get through this.
I pray for her almost every night.  She is working and she sleeps the rest of the time.  I hardly hear from her anymore.  Please pray for her.


 Please pray for my Dad Jerry and my Mother Darlene. Friday my Mom had a CT scan to check to see if the chemo has worked for the cancer she has in her liver. Monday my Dad will have a PET scan to see if the cancer he has CLL Chronic Lympocitstic Leukemia or another cancer is in his body they are looking at his lymph nodes and lungs. My parents will get both of the results from the oncologist Tuesday 9-25-18. Please pray for us that we will get good news. Our family needs your prayers we greatly would appreciate it. May God bless all of you.


 Just had many medical tests and I need God's healing and strength.

1. Pray that all the medical tests I had will be normal and by God's grace I am healthy and eventually
-no more seizures and drugs work we’ll together effectively-have normal hormone cycles and issues are gone-no blood or any other issues-medicine free

2. Pray to be able to drive safely. I know God is the only one who is able to heal me!!! I was born premature
with medical issues.  

3. Pray for dad, bro and R to be interested to learn about Christ and to
become followers of Jesus.

4. Pray to be able to marry if I can be a blessing to him R.

Have a blessed day!!!


 My son has been diagnosed with a condition called azoospermia. This is a condition whereby he has zero sperms. He has not been able to have children hence.  I believe that God is able to reverse the situation.  Please pray for him.


Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WPRZ!  Please say a prayer for me that GOD would heal my stomach and give me a bounce in my step, so tired yet I can't quit!  GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny



I come from a heathen family. I'm fasting & praying for the salvation of my loved ones among other issues concerning my family where I need to see God's miraculous intervention,  as a result of which I'm now under severe spiritual, demonic & physical attack.  Please pray for me.


Please pray for me as I have come down with a bad eye infection. Thank you for Dr Jeremiah's touching and awesome teachings! I am a Catholic but I am a regular follower. God bless and all the best.  


 I have hate in my heart for my lying cheating husband.  Please pray that the Lord remove this evil emotion from me.  Thank you.