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I would like prayer for my mother Lorraine. Prayer that God can give her the strength to stop smoking. She is smoking against doctors orders because it's a terrible addiction to kick. She could have a stroke or even lose her limbs, even her life. Please pray for my wife Ashley to quit smoking as well. God has healed her cancer and fear that smoking could cause it to come back. Pray for God to continue to work in our lives! Pray for me that I can continue to be the man God wants me to be. I would like to lift myself up in prayer that God can help me get my license. It is much needed and I would like to bring my story to prisoners and people that feel defeated. I need to travel Lord. I want one last prayer request. Please pray for safety of my dad Donald. He is in Afghanistan right now and he needs the Lord's protection and a hand to comfort him. Amen brothers and sisters!


Please pray for full term pregnancy and healthy baby.  Pray for peace, joy and patience during this time for my husband and I .  Pray this baby will be for God's Glory.  Thank you and God bless you.


 Please pray that our daughter in law will hear truth in her life, get set free from life long issues, and have Godly sorrow about her heart conditions. Pray that she will see the goodness of God and repent, and have total reconciliation with the Lord, find joy in her life and be completely reconciled to our son and their marriage. Pray that God goes exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think in their marriage and in their biblical roles as husband & wife. May God get the glory in their marriage and in their individuals lives!!


 Please agree with me in prayer in the name of Jesus for my wonderful mother for healing of heart failure, COPD, coronary artery disease and any resulting damage, for squeezing pain in her arms and pain across her back, weird feeling in her head and face, blood pressure issues. She will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord for by His stripes she is healed. Thank you for agreeing with my prayer!

 Please pray that Migdalia Armenteros gets good news from her doctors. Pray her doctors identify the best treatment to completely restore her breathing. Pray that her insurance pays for any treatment plan her doctors deem necessary. Pray that insurance will pay for her to get the skilled nursing and physical rehabilitation necessary for her to be completely ambulatory and independent again.

Pray for my dad's salvation, pray that the enemy stops controlling him and>causing him to have unbelief. Pray that he will accept christ as his savior pray that he hungers and thirsts after god's word, and pray that he is filled with God's holy spirit HIS NAME IS RICHARD thank you so much.


 Our adult son Alex recently told us he has come out as transgender. He broke up with his girlfriend of 9 years this past December. Then texted us in July his transgender announcement. We told him we love him, but what he is doing is a sin. He has since cut off all communications with us. Right before he told us, he had a promising job interview in another state from where he is living. Praying he gets that job away from the negative influences in his life right now. That God remove the scales from his eyes so he can see the lies and deception of Satan. Praying God brings him full repentance. Please also pray for us as his parents that we continue to show him love and compassion.


 Greetings in the name of Jesus.  Please pray for the Favor of the Lord in my life , Ministry and Family. Pray
for Church Growth blessings on Members . please pray for the Good Health and for financial prosperity and divine protection from Evil powers. Thanks for Prayer Support.  In Christ, Pastor Thomas John, North India.

Thomas John

 Please pray that Stephen Nelson will be free from his addiction to Meth and all drugs and alcohol and that he will be able to resist his urges so he can be the man God wants him to be. Please pray that he will be free from the demons of addiction.


Please pray for my son & his wife, that their faith would grow strong and not fail them in their marriage and life, that they would make Jesus truly Lord of their lives & their support, for strength in Christ & an abundance of Godly counsel w/ obedience. Pray comfort & support.