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Please pray for me name Bonnie.  Prayers for God guidelines, show me were to move and live, prayers for God to take away all my fears and anxieties and to drive and travel again without fears and anxieties.  Prayers for Godly man for my life and happiness and love I want to share my heart and life with Godly man for my life.  Prayers for my daughter Maria and Jamie her new boyfriend.  Pray for Jamie to get salvation and prayers for God to show Maria if Jamie lying to her about anything.  Prayers for Maria ex Harold, very concerned about him being around my daughter Maria.  Prayers God keep her safe.  Prayers for my Grown sons Derek and his wife Missy and four kids.  Prayers for son Joshua and son Kris.  Special prayers unspoken prayers please for my sons prayers for Michael Anthony.  God knows the details. Prayers for my friend Libby to find nice place in South Carolina to move, she older lady. Prayers for my friend Richard and his elderly mother, and prayers for Alan his eyes disease, and prayers for me.  Peace for stress to go away want to be happy with Godly man for my life, and prayers because my blood pressure staying high. Thank you


Pray for me (Jamal) that God will bless me financially. I’m struggling financially and it’s not easy for me; pray that God can pay off all my credit card debt (bills) that I owe and all my household bills. I’m 
asking all these things in Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for Joseph Laws for healing from cancer and salvation . Pray that the old Joseph will die and new creation will born to GLORIFY THE LORD.  Thank you.

For friends I can depend on. Friends that can help me financially have my own place. A job hired on the the spot. That I have better phone interviews and in person interviews. For my own apartment or 
house with all the amenities. A sleep number. That everyone want me hired on the spot and be for me and not mind if my head is held high or if I'm doing better than them. That I'm forgiven. Help.


My brother, Shawn, an intellectually disabled man with seizure disorder admitted to ICU with aspiration pneumonia.  On IV for medication as the hospital is unable to supply regular medication through IV.

Pray for the ability to swallow to return, physiological/psychological barriers associated with swallowing to be removed, control of seizures, complete healing, and wisdom for the medical team.  Strength for his mother, Marilyn.


Please pray direction, discernment and commitment to the Lord's plan for our daughter and her male friend.  Pray that both will seek the Lord and come with open hearts & open dialogue about their future.  Pray against fear but of sound mind & trust in the Lord.


Please pray for me.  I need your healing prayers. I am 68 years old.  I suffer from heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes has caused kidney problems and liver problems ( I do not drink or smoke) I will be most happy for your help in prayer.  Please pray for my miracle.  I also suffer from Depression and anxiety.  This has a great deal of problems.  Pray for peace-peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul!!!  Please ask everyone to pray for me.  Thank You.


Praying for years for a good husband, Friend first!   Two offers on my house that has been on the market for 3 years but has not sold yet.  My life is lonely and challenging.


Please pray for our drug addicted son, Charlie. He is 19 years old and we are walking away so that he might finally hit bottom and recover once and for all. He spends his days sleeping and doing drugs and now that we will no longer be helping him he will have no money and no where to live. This is tormenting as a parent to allow your child to suffer. But it's the last option we have left after a failed rehab experience and countless psychiatrists and counselors. He has to want this for himself. And through it all he has lost his faith in God. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you.


I'm in prayer for a car, I'm 56 and never been carless since 16. My heart is weighing heavy because I start backtrack to work on 8/15, my 1999 car finally gave out. I need a car to get to and from work. The bus stop is a mile down the road and I have to be at work at 6am. I will be so scared walking in this neighborhood. I've been kidnapped at gun point and raped once so hysterical. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want to lose my job because I need it to make a living to take care of myself, home and kids. Please keep me in prayer. I can afford a car at this time and asked my church and catholic charities if they could help, but like always no funds available. I just pray that it's someone out here in this world that we live in still have a giving heart. It's hard and I NEVER ask anyone for anything I was always the giver. Please pray that I will get help soon. Thank You and May God Bless You.