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Lord please restore us to the feelings & connection we had. Church together SOON. Let us grow each day w/YOUR Love, Lord & not let stress, fear, etc come between us. Send clear Hope and restoration today. Peace. Restore Lord. Lord I pray You help Michael with his finances and to find a good job soon and don’t let all this come between us. And Lord please provide my needs. Unspoken prayer requests also.


 My name is Jesu. I'm waiting and need for a job..please pray for me.


Asking for prayer. I met a lady name Karen Hunt. Pray that we stay in a long term one on one committed relationship and than we become husband and wife and stay married until death do us part.


 Lord my heart is so heavy today. I've been praying for family unity for along time. And I know you hear my prayer. My father 81 years old went to my brother today to make peace and my brother told him he had nothing to talk about and close the door in his face. I feel my father's pain despite his faults as a father and husband always was a good provider. Lord I decree satan take his hands off my family. This battle is not mine but yours Lord. It's too much to bare but I Cast all my cares worries on you. God I know you are still on the throne working miracles answering prayers. You can take the impossible and make it possible. Asking in Jesus name . Lord this is too much to bare to see my family separated. Lord don't let it take another tragedy to bring us back together . Strengthen my father Aaron Taylor and soften the hearts of my brothers Gregory and Carl Taylor that they able to forgive and to come see their parents.


 Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at WPRZ! Please keep me in prayer from now until Halloween is over sleeping on the subway at night and there is a new game out now where people knock out people to unconsciousness for no reason so with mask on they will be even more tempted to do that! GOD bless. Brother Danny


Please pray that Jesus Christ will renew mine and my peoples' minds and that we will not be conformed to this world. Please pray that strongholds will be pulled down, imaginations will be cast down along with every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Pray that we will take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ. The enemy is trying to defeat my people but i refuse to allow it. I claim victory in Christ Jesus, it is in His name I pray. Amen. Thank you to all who are praying with me. May God bless you richly.


Pray for me while Ministering, I ask for Prayer of Protection and Prayer of Covering of Jesus Christ, and the guidance of Holy Spirit.


 We are requesting and needing prayer for our health and job status's as we are going through a very lean and hard time in our health and finances. We believe that Satan is retaliating back for us praying for my brother who was in a serious car accident on May 30th of this year, and whom God healed him back to where he was before the accident. Thanks for your coveted prayers.

Larry and Diane

 Continued prayers for humility & grace & love to reign in our son & DIL’s lives, that they would both fervently clamor after the things of the Lord: His Word, ways & love. Pray for both of them to be surrounded & hearing Godly counsel from mentors & encouragers & to ACT on God’s Word, not feelings. May they be broken for the things of the Lord & have hearing ears, seeing eyes, and open hearts for a Godly marriage.


Please pray for my son Drew his wife Michele and their friend Mike. Drew and Michele were watching Mikes dog Toby and it got out of their property and got hit by a car, he doesn't know yet but will soon. He cried when he left this dog so he really loved it. Please pray Mike can recover and he won't blame or be too upset with Drew and Michele.