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Please pray for my brother in law. He has a bad heart and has had a heart attack. Don't know what his treatment is going to be. Please pray for his healing.

A dear friend of ours, Kenneth Jamison has lung cancer. He doesn’t know what stage it is! Praying it will be stage 1 so they can operate! Pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat it! Have done a CT scan and pet scan!  His wife Vickie has high blood pressure that usually is high! Pray her blood pressure won’t go higher because of stress from husband’s cancer! Praying it doesn’t go so high that she has a stroke! They are both Christian and are trusting the Lord!  Thank you for praying for our dear friends! God Bless.

Please pray for my daughter ( Benita ) she is a Born again child of God, she is married to a Canadian ( Samual ) for the last 10 years. She is a Disabled girl from age of six or seven with Muscular Distrophy. now her husband is harresing her calling her with all kind of dirty names and he has no respect for her at all.Please Pray for God to change his stony Heart and give him a Heart of Flesh and to bind his tongue, as she is now Mentally and Physcially sick. Thanking you God Bless you all.
Please pray for my son Justin, he has asked his wife Brittany for a divorce, and has stated his goal is to just work and drink.  He is battling some serious demons and has lost his faith. Please pray that the scales will be removed from his eyes and his heart softened, and that his marriage can be restored.  Please also pray for strength for Brittany during this time.  Thank you.

Please pray for Loren. They admitted him earlier to the hospital. They think he had a stroke. Thank you and God Bless you all!!


THANK YOU for praying for my church and the spirit of HINDRANCE that seems to have control over the Elder Team, Pastor and Worship Leader. They are all resistant to change, accountability, and humbling themselves in seeking God's Will for the church that has declined from 300 to 85 members under the leadership of the current pastor, all in 10 years.. Also prayers for the members to SEEK God that He may REVIVE them and this declining church. Prayers for the Finance Team who ARE seeking God's direction in making the new budget.

Praisethe Lord and Happy Easter to you and asking a 1st time prayer conerning total healing for me and my family body skin soul heart hormones and spirits.  And please keep on asking the Good Lord to heal the land from this COVID19.

Please pray for the whole world for a Coronavirus to disappear from the Face of Earth.  I believe in the power of prayer strongly they are the breath of Life.   God bless you, your family, and your ministry.  AMEN


I pray for spiritual growth, to trust God, for a job and finances, and a place for me and my family to live.

I am asking for prayer. Last year, December 2019, I was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4. Please pray for me.