Prayer Request

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Please pray for Rick to give up substances and for his mother to have peace finally from all of this. Thank you.


Maria (28), will be making life damaging decisions this week.  Protect her son age 7. She is bitter, angry, blames ALL but herself for the consequences of last 10 years of wrong choices.   Ask God 
to do WHATEVER is needed to bring her to repentance & salvation. She was adopted into a  Christian home, but unsaved.


Pray that God restore our relationship.  That God heal Nick  from depression.  If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned,  Nick realizes how realizes how much he loves me and I love hiim.  He realizes how much he would miss me if I were no longer part of his life, and we are a joyous couple from now on.


Please pray for Pastor Bernie Jernigan of Open Door Baptist Church of Culpeper.  He has been taken to the hospital for a sudden serious illness.


I ask and pray that the the Lord may give a God fearing Caucasian responsible, loving and loyal husband with good financial standing.  He said it is not better for a man to be alone and two are better than one. I would like to claim His words that He may give me someone to help me to a company in my life. In Jesus mighty name.  Thanks you for helping me pray. I am 40 years old, never been married and I want to have my own family. May the Lord hear and grant my prayers.

Jenith in Manila

Please pray that my daughter, Sarah's, soon to be husband, Cody, is moved by, and full of the Holy Spirit.  He can be a 'doubting Thomas' and Sarah questions his faith.  He has never said anything but his inaction of leading Sarah and wanting to study the Word/go to church with her is making her worry. Lord help them grow as a Godly couple together.  Keep them strong & protect them.  Lord cause Cody to yearn for You and cause him to willingly pursue You and his wife Sarah, now & always.  Lord deliver him from addictions.  Keep him faithful & devoted to Sarah and you Lord. Cancel all plans of the enemy.  No weapon formed shall prosper.  Lord put Your Armor on Sarah & Cody.  In Jesus Christ, our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.


Please pray that I find a place to stay before it's too late.  Pray that my income comes in time.  Also for my health problems, and that I find my wallet.  Also that I sell all the furniture in the house.  That I find someone to love me for me, and have a family of my own, and a car.


Please pray that my family would heal from divorce, depression, anxiety, and that we would have a place to live.  Thank you.  Please I need God's forgiveness for my sins.

I appreciate all prayers and I really wish I could say my situation has changed.  But I still need lots of prayers.  Please join me in prayer for my son who is still wrapped up in experimenting with drugs and the guy I deeply care for is still struggling.  Satan is messing with him big time.  We talk a bit more often these days but I'm tired and exhausted from games.  My class is extremely difficult and challenging.  So exhausted and beyond is totally normal to me.  I pray God can ease my burden and honor the desires of my heart and move mountains for me very soon.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Hi my brothers and sisters at WPRZ.  Please say a prayer for me.  Homeless at 68 years of age for 6 years, treading water too long, going under.  Need prayer bad.  GOD richly bless you.   Brother Dan