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I am a 51 year old married guy who has recently developed seemingly chronic gastric/stomach issues.  Doctor has diagnosed it as IBS which has no cure.  The daily pain and stress has lowered my quality of life significantly.  Please pray for my recovery so I can be the husband and father to my family I need to be.  Thanks.


Belle The Hero, a female Chesapeake Bay Retriever, needs prayers, she has cancer  . Thank you for your prayers and cards in this hard time.   To help Belle you can go to Belle the Hero on facebook or to  Thank you.

Sarah and Belle

I need prayer for me as I continue my walk with God.  Sometimes I feel like I am on a rusty board that is ready to fall in my walk with God.  Prayer would be helpful.


My wife of 10 and 1/2 years filed for divorce.  We have a two year old daughter.  There has been no violence, infidelity or addiction.  Just  stress.  Pray for reconciliation.


My grandfather James is 82 years old and was recently diagnosed with stage III oral cancer. He endured over a ten hour procedure to remove the cancer from the floor of the mouth along with some lymph nodes on each side; additionally they had to remove a portion of his jaw and some of the skin on his chin. They rebuilt the jaw using a bone graft and replaced the facial tissue with a skin graft. They put a feeding tube in and he has a tracheotomy to breathe with while his airway is compromised. He is a having confusion that is brought on by the heavy pain meds. He needs prayer without ceasing. I ask anyone who reads this to pray for him. I am asking for a million prayers for him. I pray, James’s fever is gone, In Jesus name. James’s oxygen saturation returns to normal. James’s blood, vessels, veins, heart and arteries are all free of any blood clots or narrowing.   James’s electrolytes are balanced in Jesus name. James no longer has pulmonary edema in Jesus name. James’s skin graft and bone grafts are healed in Jesus name. James’s body has been balanced and all organs including the heart are functioning well and are healed in Jesus name. ALL the cancer is CURED in Jesus name. His body is strengthened better than before the surgery and pain free in Jesus name. He will continue to get better each day in Jesus name. I also ask that God give wisdom to us his family and the nurses and doctors for us to understand or know what he is telling us when he communicates, in Jesus name. I pray his physical strength return to him stronger than before. I pray he be able to share his testimony from this experience to help others in Jesus name.


I was diagnosed with heart failure 2 years ago, just days after having my son.  My heart function remains extremely low and I am struggling with shortness of breath.  I rely on your radio station to get me through the days when I feel scared and anxious.  I am in need of prayers for healing, peace, and strength.  God Bless!


Hi my brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for me.  I am homeless in NYC for the last 4 years i am now 67 years of age and just can't take it anymore.  GOD richly bless you. 


My husband Clark, is on the liver transplant list @ MUSC and we will be relocating from virginia to south carolina. The financial situation with the overwhelming medical debt. Our prayers are that my husband's fundraising thru helpHOPELive will be successful and I will find a much needed job with benefits in SC.


Dear God, Please help me to straighten out my financial problems.   Please pray for me and my family for a financial miracle amen.  Thank you and god bless you all.


I have a serious difficulty, where I need God’s help.  Please pray for great wisdom in this situation.  Pray for God’s favor, God’s leading, God’s provision, God’s help in this situation.  It really shouldn’t be as big as it seems—pray that It’ll become much smaller, and that I’ll be able to quickly move on from this, and that God will guide me and help me in the other things I need to do, since this problem has taken so much of my time.  Thanks.  And pray for wisdom in every area of my life.