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 I pray Lord would lead my husband in the way he speaks to me and our family.Teach him to bless and not curse, to encourage and not discourage, to inspire and not intimidate. where my huaband has been abusive or hurtful in the words he has spoken to me, I pray Lord would convict his conscience about that and cause him to see the damage he is doing to me and to our marriage.


  I am scheduled to sing solos and minister in song at church on Sunday, February 3rd & Sunday, March 10th for the entire 8:30am Worship Service. Pray for healing & triple portion anointing of my voice lungs diaphragm breathing and respiratory system to be clear strong. Pray for financial blessings for my handyman business with my husband, Randy clients that pay well and weather to be clear. Pray for protection over property animals and my son Nick. Pray for healing over my father Ernest Cherry & my brother Jason Cherry. Pray for another vehicle.


 Pray for the Salvation of my 87 year old Mother, Betty Duffy. She has a hardened heart. Also, most recently my sister committed Suicide and my sister was a Believer.


 Please pray for my 19-year-old daughter who moved out and is in a homosexual relationship. We never shamed her but are heartbroken. Please pray for God encounters, kingdom connections, for her deliverance and salvation.


My mind weighs heavy on the $44,000 that social security says I owe in back pay for being a payer of my brother whom has been in my care for the past eleven years. I took him after my parents passed because nobody else wanted to be bothered. He was adopted by my parents since birth and he is mentally challenged. SS says that he wasn’t suppose to get keep getting money and that he was on a trial basis. I never was informed about that in all the time he’s has been in my care. He is employed through a government program and loves his job. I, myself is also employed. I don’t have the money to pay them back in which was used for all his needs. They now want to garnish my earning and I can’t afford to get garnished because we will probably be homeless. And it hurts to think about it. I just got my home of 30 years, out of foreclosure and am currently on a trial basis for three months. I am really stressed and worried. I don’t know what to do because nobody wants to take on my brother. I’m all he's got. People say I’m going to be blessed but I have been going through all these trials and tribulations. It hurts and I need need help. Please Please Pray for me and my brother and my kids. I’m trying to keep the Faith and not give up but hope is fading. I need all prayers right now. Thank You.


 Please pray with me. Thank you Lord that your kingdom of heaven has come. Christ consciousness has overcome our world now shifting all hearts and minds into heavenly consciousness now. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly, godly, pure, holy, loving, supernatural, healed, made whole, miraculous, kind, friendly, smiling,laughing, fun, oneness with you Lord. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All life unjustly imprisoned has been set free now. Your overwelming heavenly love frequency has overcome our world now permeating into all matter, all air waves, eradicating all which is ungodly or not pleasing to you Lord. All hearts are now on fire for Jesus. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is omnipresent now around the world. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name. Amen


 Please pray for my Mother Darlene Holden. She will be having a PET SCAN on Monday January 14th and results with doctor on the 15th. She has Breast Cancer in her liver they tell us she will be on treatment the rest of her life. We know the Great Physician can heal my Mother we pray that is his will. Please pray she will not Glow anywhere in her body she has been in a lot of pain the medicines are very hard to take as well as the Chemo she is on. We pray for no sign of disease for God is with us in this journey he is all we have. Thank you all for praying.


 Dear prayer warriors, please pray for my nephew Gregory. On January 4th, he has to appear in court. The judge will rule if he will receive probation or serve time for his offense. Please pray that he will get a second chance at improving his life and put aside all wrong doing. Pray that he will commit his life to Christ.


 Pls join me in prayer for my car. I have an ill relative that depends on me for transportation to medical appts and my car is experiencing some mechanical problems. Thank you and God bless!


 Our friend was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday and her Dad passed away last night. Thank you for praying for Linda and her Son Brad.