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1. please pray my husband & 3 kids turn QUICKLY to Jesus! 

2  that my husband would love me again. 

3 that God would break this poverty and enable us to be givers instead of takers.   

4 my atheist friend Anita's (& husband) eyes would be open, ears would hear, strong holds broken and turn to Jesus!


Please Pray My husband turns to God completely and that God would restore our marriage and give him love for me again.


Pls pray for my friend.  She has had three kidney transplants.  This  means she is not on the urgent list. She has now been admitted and is being helped to breath by a machine.  She is only 24.

Hello I was wondering if you could please pray for my husband Michael he has lower back deteriorating disks causing him to be out of work and insurance has denied the claim for surgery. We have switched plans and are now waiting to hear back from the surgeons office... please pray that the insurance company takes the claim and that surgery may take place this month. God can move mountains and we believe that with prayer all is possible.

Please pray for Dan. He has issues from the past that seem to be tormenting him.  He is saying he does not believe in God.


Wayward CHRISTIAN daughter (24 years) who used to sing solos in church and was a great testimony to her peers throughout middle and highschool--now throws out her Bibles, refuses to attend church, or honor our prayer time at family meals.... in serious relationship with NON-CHRISTIAN former university music professor (46 years)   This relationship has been going on for over 3 years with no abatement.  Please pray daughter will repent, end this unequally yoked relationship and seek to honor God.


Please pray for Dominick (24 year old former foster son) who was seriously abused by professing "Christian" stepfather throughout childhood.  Although Dominick claims to have received Jesus as his Saviour as a small child, he no longer believes in the validity of the Scriptures.  He now lives in Las Vegas and struggles with depression and is overcoming drug and alchohol abuse.  Please also pray for salvation for his roommate, David, who redicules anything about God.  Thanks!


Grandaughter having non stop seizures, in hospital O2 dropping, heart rate increasing... her name is LeeErin, and she is eighteen.   Please pray for her, we serve a mighty God and I know he can heal her!


Pray for my health. Blocked arteries leg and foot and nonhealing toe ulcer.  Dr says he can't do anything.  2nd opinion 9.19.


Please pray for me name Bonnie.  Prayers for God guidelines, show me were to move and live, prayers for God to take away all my fears and anxieties and to drive and travel again without fears and anxieties.  Prayers for Godly man for my life and happiness and love I want to share my heart and life with Godly man for my life.  Prayers for my daughter Maria and Jamie her new boyfriend.  Pray for Jamie to get salvation and prayers for God to show Maria if Jamie lying to her about anything.  Prayers for Maria ex Harold, very concerned about him being around my daughter Maria.  Prayers God keep her safe.  Prayers for my Grown sons Derek and his wife Missy and four kids.  Prayers for son Joshua and son Kris.  Special prayers unspoken prayers please for my sons prayers for Michael Anthony.  God knows the details. Prayers for my friend Libby to find nice place in South Carolina to move, she older lady. Prayers for my friend Richard and his elderly mother, and prayers for Alan his eyes disease, and prayers for me.  Peace for stress to go away want to be happy with Godly man for my life, and prayers because my blood pressure staying high. Thank you