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Hi, I'm Giselle from Brazil and I'd like to ask for a prayer to Jjesus rebuild my friendship with my friend Bruna Cristina Rodrigues, we commit a sin and now she and the pastors want me out of the 
church.  She's my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the Lord Jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be my family again.  I even just lost my job which will make it difficult for me to go to the church as much as i am working around here, nothing worse can happen to me.  All I do is cry, she's even changed her number, I feel lost when I can't talk to her, why she has to punish me like this oh Lord. she's very important to me and i'm suffering everyday crying missing her and we used to be like sisters.  It is so hard i feel like i want to die right now, my lifes over.  Please help, she needs to come back and talk to me. She even said i should talk to God why she can't forgive me and not to her ;(. Also I'd like to ask you all to pray for her to come into her senses in the sexual area, she needs protection in this area so badly, i'm worried about her. she just goes out with any boy.  Thanks, Giselle


Really need prayer. My husband is going to a job interview tomorrow. We have already recieved an eviction notice to move. We filed it at the court house. So we will. have till the seventh. Ourlandlord may work with us providing we get income coming in. So we are praying for doors to be opened. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless.


Please pray for Brian, who is depressed and severely suicidal. He also needs healing from a prolonged physical ailment which he is critically depressed over. Thank you.


Please pray for my marraige and that God would help us get back to Australia.


Please pray that the Lord divinely places me in the teaching position and school that He wills me to be in. Thank you and bless you for your prayers.


Scared and worried for my life.


Father, I pray with hope, trust, and believe You will protect, heal, & restore my husband to the godly man he used to be & then more. I pray for my kids to be strong & vigilant while their earthly father is going through this time alone with You. God, please keep me a Proverbs 31 wife now & in the future. I ask You do not take too much longer though, & swiftly restore my marriage and family. The ten months since my husband left us & severed contact has already taken its toll. Help my husband see how much he loves, misses, & needs his family instead of worldly gains. Above all, lead him first to see & know You again. So be it. In Jesus's name forever & always. Amen.


I've read the whole bible and the new testament several time, and a lot of Christian books and I love the word of God.  I believe Jesus died and shed his blood for me and raised from the dead by God and he lives for ever more. I don't do everything right and had a very bad temper, get mad over little things. I wonder if I'm a Christian at all for all that anger. Now my heart is only working 35 percent but I'm mellowed down now I don't have the temper I had.  I don't know why I had such a temper anyway, I don't anymore.  I know you don't know if I'm a Christian or not but I've repented of my anger, now I need prayer for my heart to be restored to new by Jesus strips, but my faith is not very strong. Thanks for your time.


For Jim, a 55-year-old man divorced twice, who accepted Jesus as Savior 30+ years ago, but never grew spiritually or embraced Christian living.  He attends church occasionally.  He is dating an unbeliever and admitted he is sinning with her.  He has also acknowledged in the past his need to be baptized.  He has three grown daughters who were all baptized as older children and now none of them live as believers.  They are all or have in the past lived with their boyfriends.  Please pray for Jim's repentance.  For God to bring something into Jim's life that will cause him to fall to his knees and bring about a "turning point" for him, so he can live in the blessings of God and be the spiritual leader his daughters need him to be.


Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and the restoration of my family.   Thank you. ...