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Please pray that I find a place to stay before it's too late.  Pray that my income comes in time.  Also for my health problems, and that I find my wallet.  Also that I sell all the furniture in the house.  That I find someone to love me for me, and have a family of my own, and a car.


Please pray that my family would heal from divorce, depression, anxiety, and that we would have a place to live.  Thank you.  Please I need God's forgiveness for my sins.

I appreciate all prayers and I really wish I could say my situation has changed.  But I still need lots of prayers.  Please join me in prayer for my son who is still wrapped up in experimenting with drugs and the guy I deeply care for is still struggling.  Satan is messing with him big time.  We talk a bit more often these days but I'm tired and exhausted from games.  My class is extremely difficult and challenging.  So exhausted and beyond is totally normal to me.  I pray God can ease my burden and honor the desires of my heart and move mountains for me very soon.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Hi my brothers and sisters at WPRZ.  Please say a prayer for me.  Homeless at 68 years of age for 6 years, treading water too long, going under.  Need prayer bad.  GOD richly bless you.   Brother Dan


We need peace within family.  We have been married 6 yrs blended family with no acceptance of the marriage due to outside influences.  We have tried family counseling with the other parent involvement which we were displayed as the bad people for doing what God tells us to do as parents.  We are battling spiritual warfare heavily and need more people to pray with us.  Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God.


Please pray for my wife Julia, she has been having problems with her eyes.  Its more than just her vision. Pray that we can find a good ophthalmologist.  She also needs peace on her job. She just got a new job and no one is showing her how to do her job. Also pray from my son who lives in Ohio. He wants to come to South Carolina and spend Christmas with us but he cant afford a plane ticket. Pray that God will make a way for him to come down for Christmas.


 I, Jacqueline Montgomery, writing for prayer.  I am asking God to Bless me and my family with better apartment by the first of the year.  I feel helpless. Thanks and God Bless.

 Please pray for Steve to renew his faith in Jesus fully repent and defeat that dark path he has taken. Please pray that Steve releases all anger and jealousy he has hidden in his heart.  Please pray he becomes the Godly man that he is called to be, returning to his family to lead them in prayer and Bible study. Please pray for his children during this difficult season.  Thank you.

Please pray for my wife and I as we look to God's word about how to handle our family finances.  This has been a contentious matter for both of us for a number of years and we know that satan will try to divide us 
while we deal with this.  Please pray for unity, peace, and honorable stewardship of God's blessings in our lives.


Please pray for my Grandson Chase.  He is struggling with school this year.  Pray that he will follow God's will and not the worlds!!   God will keep His mighty protection on Chase.  Thank you and I will pray for your radio station.