A Call to Prayer!

       What a blessing it was as WPRZ listeners joined with us in a day of prayer for WPRZ on Monday, July 29th!  With a $40,000.00 deficit that had accumulated since the station went on the air three years and two months ago, the situation had become critical.  But as God’s people began praying, greatly needed funds began coming in. It was clear God was opening the windows of heaven and pouring out a blessing as many new listeners and churches felt God leading them to give towards eliminating the deficit!  By noon on Monday, August 6th, the deficit was down to about $12,000.00!!!  We will never forget this special time at WPRZ!
       We are hoping that as more people find out about the station and begin supporting it on a regular basis we will never have to experience such a deficit again!  Thank you to everyone who heard the call to help and responded!  May WPRZ be an encouragement to you and a blessing in your life as you and your family listen!  If you feel God nudging you to be a part of totally eliminating the deficit, your Special Offering would be gladly received!  Thank you to everyone who came and helped in one way or the other!  Here are some photos we’d like to share.  To God be all the Glory!!
      Here are a few pictures from the week!