Ministry Highlights

August 2021 Ministry Highlights


April 2021

Financial Update


February was the 37th anniversary of Praise Communications, Inc., spreading the gospel over the airwaves through WPRZ. We are tremendously grateful for our listeners and supporters. We want to send a big thank you, as always, to everyone who donated this month and this year. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning. You are the reason WPRZ is on the air and we are thankful for your generosity. With so much uncertainty in the world, your support is needed more than ever to help spread the good news. We have some outstanding expenses that we need to catch up on as well as...

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February 2021

WPRZ Financial Update
January has proved to be a good month for us.  Many gifts in memory of Sally have come in and are deeply appreciated.  You all are so faithful to this station and we believe the fruits...


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January 2021


Sally Buchanan, 1948-2020


Sally Buchanan, 72, of Culpeper, VA went home to be with Jesus on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at Novant Health UVA Culpeper Hospital.  She was born August 5, 1948 in Punxsutawney, PA to the late Ellsworth and Anna Catherine Suthard...

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 December 2020

WPRZ Financial Update!
It's December and that means the end of the year is almost here! Please join with us in prayer that God will prompt His people to see that WPRZ ends the year well financially! We only need a total of $50,000.00 to come in and that includes operating expenses for December. WPRZ is listener supported and that means we must depend on the gifts listeners give and also on sponsorships from local businesses along with support from churches. We need your help now and by the end of the year so, please, be as generous as you can. It is so very important! Thank you so very much...

November 2020

WPRZ Financial Update!  It's November and that means only two months remain till the end of the year!  Please join with us in prayer that God will prompt His people 

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October 2020

WPRZ Financial Update!


A special thank you to everyone who send in donations this month!You are the reason WPRZ is on the air and we are so grateful!


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September 2020

WPRZ Financial Update

 Thank you so very much!  Because of the generousity of you, our listening friends, we made it very well through the always financially hard summer!  As we enter the fall season, we pray your generousity will continue so can catch up totally!

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August 2020

WPRZ Financial Update   

Thank you!  Because of your generosity in July, we made a lot of progress on some old obligations! God is answering our prayers as He always does, through you, His people!!  Thank you for hearing His voice and for doing what He puts on your heart to do!  You are a very important part of this station and because of you, lives are being impacted every day as God works through these airwaves! 

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July 2020

 WPRZ Financial Update!

WPRZ Financial Update! We are pleased to tell you that, at this point in time, we are current with our Office and Studio rent and our Tower Rent! What a blessing! Thank you all so much! However, we know that unless we have more Praise Partners joining our Monthly Giving Plan, it will be too easy to slip behind again! Therefore, we are appealing to those who are Praise Partners every now and then, to become Regular Automatic Monthly Praise Partners to help us meet these big monthly critical obligations of the station. You can choose to help with the Monthly Office and Studio Rent by giving a Monthly Automatic Donation on the 1st or the 5th of each month. Or, make an Automatic Monthly Donation on the 20th to go towards the Tower Rent! We only need $1910.00 more for the Office and Studio Rent each month and only $717.00 more each month for the Tower Rent! I know we can do this! Please pray and then do whatever God puts on your heart to do! It’s easy to get started! Just call Sherrie at 540-727-9779 and she...

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June 2020

WPRZ Financial Update!

This time last month we needed a financial hero and God came through as He always does! We are pleased to report that because of your many gifts, large and small, and what was given during Give Local Piedmont's Giving Day, WPRZ is in better shape financially. The grant we received from the Give Local Piedmont Community Foundation was $10,276.16! Thank you to everyone who participated on Giving Day! Please pray with us that God will soon provide the additional funds that are needed to totally clear up the remaining $10,000.00 in operating expenses that need to be covered! We are trusting that God will touch hearts to give generously to get this done! If you are not participating in helping to keep WPRZ on the air...



May 2020

Be A Part of Give Local … Give to WPRZ on Piedmont's Giving Day, Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

     WPRZ/Praise Communications, Inc is once again participating in this National Day of Giving on Tuesday, May 5th!  This year our goal is $20,000.00.  It's a lot of money but it goes to keep WPRZ on the air reaching hearts 24/7 giving them strength and hope everyday through God's Word!  This is so important during this COVID-19 pandemic!  We know people are afraid and we are here to help them keep their minds focused on God and His Word!  He is the light and WPRZ is a lighthouse pointing the way!
     You can help us win some extra funds by making a donation on Giving Day to WPRZ!  Extra funds will be distributed by the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation according to the amount of donations each non-profit receives. We'll keep you informed over the airwaves when there are special times when we could win some extra cash prizes!  Please help us out by… 


April 2020

Financial Update!   We Need a Hero!!!
As the world deals with this terrible COVID-19 pandemic, WPRZ's light is still shining brightly, drawing people to the Word of God and assuring them that God is still in control!  We know God is using the station to comfort His people and as others tune in looking for hope, WPRZ is on the air shinning the bright light of God's Word that will direct their paths in the right direction!  It's clear that the battle between good and evil is raging as never before as we draw closer to the Lord's return.  We are committed to keeping this station on the air with the best Bible Teaching programs in the world, a great variety of music, news, and information from a Biblical perspective.  Everyone involved here is committed to this great cause as we see lives being changed every day.  And now, with this pandemic roaring, we find the station in a life or death battle with finances.  We need a hero who will come to our rescue with a check for $25,000.00!!!  We are now that far behind and it is critical.  Please pray...and do what God puts on your heart…




March 2020

Financial Update!
     It's hard to believe that we are already in the last month of the first quarter of the year and we are sorry to tell you that we are running way behind where we need to be financially.  In the past we held an on-air fundraiser the first week in March, but because you have let us know that you don't like on-air fundraisers that disrupt our regular programming, we have stopped doing that.  However, the expenses still have to be met.  We're letting you know that because we need to catch up this month to prevent a serious hardship for the station.  So, please, we need everyone to do their very best to give as the Lord leads.  It's easy to ignore those little promptings, but we know He is prompting His people to support this station!  He raised it up...and now it's up to us to operate it and to give to meet the numerous expenses.  There are a lot of them!
     Thank you to those who give on a regular or monthly basis.  We know we can count on you and that helps so much!  To sign up to give each month through your debit or credit card, please take that step and call Kandy and set it up!  If you can give a single generous gift, now is the time to do it.  Thank you all for doing your best. We're not interrupting… 


February 2020

Be a Lighthouse Partner with WPRZ!! 
It takes all of us working together to keep WPRZ shining the Light of God's Word 24/7 over 88.1 and around the world over!  This station is on the air, first of all, because God put it together, and secondly, because enough of God's people have come forth with financial support to keep it going!  We thank God for them and are hoping that others will come and be a part of this great team!!  If you are not already a part of the team, please come and be a part!  You can start out with only a dollar a day or $30.00 a month...or more!  Monthly partners are so important!!  We hope to add another 30 Lighthouse Partners during February and March!  This would help us so much and you would know that you...


January 2020

WPRZ Financial Update!   Thank You!  Thank You!


     What a blessing it was to receive so many generous gifts in December!!  A total of $42,151.09 arrived and we made some great progress on getting current with WPRZ's obligations.  However,  there is still a need for $8,000.00 over and above operating expenses. 

     It takes $1,000.00 a day to properly operate WPRZ.  That's not much for a 24-hour a day FM station with such a great variety of programming! You hear the best Bible Teaching programs in the country along with News and Information from a Biblical World view. There's Programs to help your kids and families, and four genres of music that include Contemporary, Praise and Worship, Christian Country, and Bluegrass!!!  What we hear from listeners tell us they love the station!!  To do this takes a lot of time and money.  We need to pay the bills and we need more staff including on-air hosts.  And there is still a need for some important equipment and engineering work. These things all cost money.
     It's now the beginning of a new year and a new decade.  2020 also marks WPRZ's 10th year of broadcasting locally from Culpeper.  God has blessed this town with its very own Christian radio station.  But to keep it going, more sponsors and partners are needed.  The times we are living in are becoming


December 2019

"A Call To Prayer" For An Abundance of Year End Gifts!
     It's the last month of the year and WPRZ is calling for your help.  It is absolutely essential that WPRZ ends the year well. There are many outstanding obligations that simply must be caught up including rent.  We need at least $50,000.00.  It's a lot but when we all pull together we know it can be done!  God is good and we know He will provide as we all pray.  We know, too, that He does it through you, His people!  Please pray with us that we will end the year well.  And, please pray about what God would have you do.  We know He is touching hearts right now to give!
     Last month we received this note from Nancy who writes: "I continually thank God for WPRZ and your mission.  What a blessing it is to wake up to worship music and teachings that inspire us to remain focused on our Lord and Savior.  Thank you!!!  We've already marked our calendar to send in our end of year offering."
     What an encouragement it is to all of us when listeners take the time to let us know what the station means to them!  God put this station together and we know He wants us to trust Him everyday to keep it going!  Thank you for giving and for praying, and for standing with us so you and many other people will continue to be blessed through the programs…



November 2019

 Financial Update!  God Has Answered Our Prayers!  The Goal Has Been Reached and Exceeded!

     Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! everyone who sent in a gift towards our back tower rent!  You were an answer to prayer and were used by God to meet this very critical need!
     At the beginning of October we still needed $10,000.00 more, over and above October operating expenses, to pay the back tower rent we still owed.  This had to be paid by the end of October in order to keep the monthly tower rent payment reduction down to $2,900.00 that the Board of Supervisors approved.  We asked for 10 more people to step up with $1,000.00 gifts and they did!  Some others sent in smaller gifts and it all added up to enough for the back tower rent and for the November payment!  What a joy to have this burden lifted!!
     As we head to the end of the year now, we would ask you to please continue your prayers that WPRZ will end 2019 with all past due obligations paid in full as well!!  Also, please continue…




October 2019

"A Call To Prayer"
As we explained last month, WPRZ still owes $10,000.00 in back tower rent and it is absolutely critical that this be paid by the end of this month!  The Culpeper Board of Supervisors has been kind enough to lower our monthly rate from $4,077.00 a month to $2,900.00 a month, but we simply must get this back rent paid by the end of this month or we will loose this rent reduction.  It would only take 10 people....10 give $1,000.00 and this burden would be lifted!  We are children of the most high God and surely there are 10 people who will step forward and give $1,000.00 to God for His work here at WPRZ!!
Maybe you can't give $1,000.00...maybe you could give an extra $500.00 or $100.00 this month!  Whatever you do, please know that your help is being requested!  It takes all of us working together to keep WPRZ on the air!  Without the tower space, there is no WPRZ!  Again, it is critical that we get this taken care of this month!  Then…

September 2019
Financial Update!
With summer behind us now, we are so looking forward to cooler weather and, hopefully, an increase in regular support!  We give God the glory and are so happy that our tower rent has been reduced to $2,900.00 a month!  However we were behind $12,231.00 and that needs to be paid in full by the end of October.  We have made a little progress so far but still have a balance of $10,000.00 to go!  Please pray with us that this amount will be paid in full before the end of October so we can get on with other things.  Income for August was $18,424.98 which was down some from July.  Hopefully, we can make this up and more this month!  Again, please pray about this and please do what you can do to help!  It takes all of us doing what we can do to keep WPRZ strong and on the air broadcasting 24/7 around the country, the world, and into your home, car, truck, and workplace.  We need an extra $10,000.00 ASAP!  There are those reading this right now that…


August 2019

WPRZ's Monthly Tower Rent Has Been Reduced!

A big Thank You goes out to the Culpeper Board of Supervisors for approving Praise Communications’ request for a lower monthly tower rent payment.  The Board met on Tuesday, August 6th at 10:00 am and unanimously voted to approve a new agreement for a flat rate of $2,900.00 a month.  With our old agreement, our monthly payment increased 3% every year and was up to $4,077.00!  With our new agreement, the rent will not go up each year.  While still a great deal of money, it is a savings of $14,124.00 a year which is a significant amount!  Thank you, too, to Alan Culpeper for his help last month with...


July 2019

Financial Update!    


     As a result of WPRZ's participation in "Give Local Piedmont's Giving Day" on May 7th, we were so pleased to receive a grant for $9,498.92 on June 19th from the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation!  This was an incredible blessing due to our regular income being down to only $13,195.50 in June.  This was the lowest monthly amount received since February 2016!!  But because of "Give Local Day", our monthly income for June totaled  $22,694.42. 
     We know that summer is a difficult time for many ministries as people go on vacation, the kids are out of school, etc., and donations get put aside.  We thank God that somehow He seems to always provide for WPRZ in the midst of these things.  Seems we're always saying..."if it hadn't been for...... don't know what we would have done."   But needless to say…


June 2019

Financial Update  


     May was a pretty good month financially!  Several large gifts arrived and really helped a lot!  We thank God for all the gifts that came in and especially for those who give via our automatic deduction program!  Thank you, too, to our sponsors and all the individuals who sent in a gift last month.  All in all, $21,503.46 was received.  Thank you so very much!

     We are going to air some special promos this month asking for more new  people to get involved!  Your prayers for that would be sincerely appreciated as we hope to raise the automatic donations up to $4,000.00 a month.  To do that we need $1,063.00 more a month in automatic deductions.  If you would like to give…




May 2019

WPRZ Financial Update... Your Help Is Needed!

What a joy and a privilege it is to have this great Christian Radio station in our local community!  WPRZ is non-denominational and carefully programmed with great Bible teaching programs, current news, relevant information, and a variety of music that reflects the musical tastes of the Piedmont region.  Right now, we need more help to cover operating expenses!  As we head into summer, it is imperative that we get where we need to be financially.  Will you help us?  We need more people to give a dollar...or more... a day or send in some generous single gifts to help!  Every day God works through this station to touch the lives and hearts of listeners...young and old!  Not everyone who listens is able to give but we know how much they rely on the station every single day for hope and encouragement!  If you are able, please be a part of helping us keep the station strong and on the air!  To those who do give on a regular basis we are so very appreciative!  You are a part of something bigger than all of us because we know God is using this station in some great ways to help, encourage, and simply love His people!  Please do what you can to help!  We need to get current by the end of May. You can give online...


April 2019

Financial Update!
First of all, we want to sincerely thank everyone who gave last month to help with WPRZ's deficit!  We did make progress, thanks to you, but we did not totally catch up like we needed to.  We are looking for ways to cut expenses everywhere we can and still get Steve some on-air help.  He needs to be freed up to work on some very complicated and urgent technical problems.  When Karen joined our staff we all thought she would be able to help out on the air but her schedule won't permit that and now we know it's better to have her devote more time to finding sponsors as well as additional donors.  Therefore, we are looking for an on-air host to do the mornings.  Your prayers would be sincerely appreciated as we continue to pray for God's will to be done here as well as for adequate finances to operate this great station that God put on the air for you in Culpeper and the Piedmont area.  Not many small towns like this have their very own Christian radio station.  We are praying that more people, families, businesses, and churches will...


March 2019

A Time for Prayer and A Time to Share!!


We are so thankful to all those who so generously support WPRZ!  It is only through your gifts that WPRZ is able to stay on the air!  We consider you very special friends who enable us to do what we do in broadcasting a variety of God centered music, Bible Teaching and family programs, and programs that deal with important issues we need to be aware of 24/7 throughout the entire Piedmont area and across the country and around the world over!  Together we are truly making an impact!

We are glad that Winter will soon be over and Spring will finally be here!  Financially, the station has a current shortfall of $23,726.10 that we need to eliminate.  Combine that with $30,000.00 needed for March and we have a combined need to $53,726.10 by the end of March!  Can we do it?  We can if everyone will do their part and give what the Lord puts on their heart to give! 

We are not going to interrupt our regular programming, but…


February 2019

Please Pray With Us On "Pause To Pray" from The Presidential Prayer Team - 11:00 am and 4:30 pm

Back in June, we told you about a new program from the Presidential Prayer Team that was just starting to be developed. And now it's available and airs on WPRZ at 11:00 am and 4:30 pm each weekday. As Christians, we must be dedicated to praying for the President of the United States of America, our nation's leaders, and our country.  As Anne Graham Lotz once said…


January 2019

WPRZ Financial Update!  Thank You for Coming Through!!

We are so happy to say "Thank You!" to everyone who helped us end the year well!  A total of $52,642.25 arrived during December which made it possible for us to pay most of WPRZ's obligations. Donations included two gifts of $7,000.00 each which covered two whole weeks of funding and helped out so very much!  Along with January's operating expenses, there are still some lingering but important obligations that need to be paid and we are praying and hoping that we can totally catch up in January.  We are also hoping and praying that more listeners…