Prisoner Of Hope:\r\n\r\nMy name is Kevin Woodward. I am 27 years old, Currently residing in Orange county, VA. \r\n\r\nI met Cindie last week when she walked into the printshop where i work, but i will honestly say that she truly blessed me that day. I can only thank GOD for causing her to walk through the door that day.\r\nThis was the day before WPRZ was going to move to a new location, and Cindie walked into the print shop asking if we had any boxes, because she volunteers at a christian radio station. I shared my current situation with her, as well as my testimony of how GOD has blessed my life so far. After we spoke, she gave me a hug,and some words of encouragement, and she told me that I should come to the radio station and share my story on air. \r\n\r\nWhen I was 15 years old, my father comitted suicide on July 17, 2000. Three years later on the same day, July 17, 2003, about a month following my graduation from Madison County High School, my mother died from cancer. After my mother\'s funeral, the majority of my family and I went our seperate ways, and later I was evicted from the house my parents had rented for a long time, because i was behind on the rent, had no car, and no job.\r\n I spent the rest of the summer with a friend I went to school with, and when it came time for school to start back up it was time for me to depart. I sought help from the church I had gone to ever since i was two years old, and they helped me. One of the men from the church took me to the place where he worked, and i filled out an application and eventually got a job working from 3:00p.m.-3:00a.m. Monday-Thursday nights. I lived with him for a brief period of time, however, because I was mad at myself, the world, and GOD because of the events that had transpired with my parents, deaths, I burned that bridge, and found myself living in the streets of Culpeper, while still working. I slept in the restored caboose adjacent to the train depot, on the transit bus, the post office lobby, and the library in the quiet study room. Each weekend, I spent all but about $25.00 of my paycheck on a motel room, that way I have a place to stay to be out of the weather. This was from late October until the end of November. Following this, a Dispatcher with the town police department took me in, allowing me to sleep on her couch so I would not be out in the cold. After countless efforts to find help for me and no results, she asked me one day if she could contact a friend who worked for one of the local newspapers to see if he wanted to do a story about my situation. i agreed, and the story was ran in the paper. The community helped me out tremendously, and i was doing well.\r\n\r\nAfter I got on my feet, had a place to stay, a car to drive, and all that, I still ran from GOD rather than to him. Due to my wanting to be accepted, I became involved with the wrong crowd, and really got my priorities mixed up. I began smoking marijuanna again, hanging out with them a lot, getting high with them, and ended up losing my job because I would be high, and call into work making up excuses saying that I would be late because I was high and didnt want to go to work high. As a result I lost my job due to excessive tardiness, and i began hanging out with my \"Friends\", more rather than looking for a job. We began going around stealing Cd Players from vehichles, and vandalizing property. It was fun at first, then i saw how quick the turnaround was on the stolen property was and became addicted to the adrenaline rush i received when we were out causing trouble. I lost my job, and a girl that I loved dearly because of what I was doing. She told me that \"If you continue doing that, you will end up in jail or dead. If you go to jail, I\'m not going to wait for you.\" I did not care anymore, and continued in my mischief. After two weeks, my world came crashing down. one night, we were caught in the act, and we ran. I was driving my car, and we traveled 23 miles in 9 minutes, going about 125mph the entire way, almost wrecked the car but I didn\'t stop because I was scared. Then I finally realized what I was doing and pulled over. I pled guilty to all the charges, accepting responsibility to what I had done. After everything was suspended, I was handed a sentence of 4 years, to be followed by Detention and Diversion. I finished my 4 years in October 2007, and went to the detention center. I got kicked out twice, because my mindset wasn\'t focused. The second time, when I went back into the courtroom, the commonwealth attorney asked the judge to give me 9 years. I was given 5 years. Following this, I called a friend, and told him, that I was going to make the best of the 5 years and go to college. Where I would go, or how I would pay for it, I had no clue.\r\nLittle did I know that I was speaking this into existance for GOD to work a miracle in my life. While I was incarcerated, at a road camp, making 45 cents an hour picking up trash at a landfill, or cutting brush, or cleaning floors and toilets, GOD blessed me with the opportunity to go to College. I contacted the president of a Bible College/Seminary in florida and shared my story with him. I didnt hide anything, and sent the $35.00 application fee, along with the letter asking him to seriously consider it, and a copy of my sentencing order. 3 weeks later, i get a response. I had gotten accepted into this school. I asked GOD that if this is what he really wanted me to do, to provide a way for me to pay for the $1600.00 tuition, because I lived on $72.00 a month for working. The LORD did provide, because after a few courses, I received a letter from a lady who worked there, telling me that she and her friend would take care of as much of my tuition as they could. A friend of mine paid for a couple months tuition, and these two ladies took care of the rest of it. I finished my courses through the mail in 1 year and 8 months, and graduated in 2010 Earning a Bachelor of Ministry, with a 4.0 GPA! I also went to another institution where they had a printshop and I was able to enroll in the Graphic Communications and Digital Print Reproduction class. I got my Certificate, in which I met the requirements to seek employment as a Desktop Publisher, and Bindery Worker. During my incarceration, I began writing my autobiography, which I hope to one day have published to be used to help others who may be going through some of the tough times I have been through, and to offer them words of encouragement to make better decisions than i have myself. \r\nI was released on April 9, 2012. A local program in Culpeper accepted me, and they helped me with funding for a place to live, and temporary employment. The case manager for the re-entry program took myself and another individual to a re-entry council meeting and introduced me to the owner of a small printshop in Orange thats been open less than a year. A short time later after receiving a phone call, I moved from Culpeper to Orange to work with him, and was getting paid by the program for my On the Job Training (OJT). My funding was to end in September, however after faxing the rental agreement for the month of July, I found out that the program was out of money. I picked up my last paycheck last Friday, and the rent will be taken care of until the end of this month. Im in the process of looking for a new job, and a place to rent. I am stepping out in faith that the LORD will provide. I plan on one day going back to college to work on a Master\'s of Christian Counseling, and would ideally like to obtain a job working at a Christian Rehabilitation Program as a counselor.\r\n\r\nI see so many people in life that are focused on one thing only, whether it be money, women, drugs, etc. They isolate themselves from all they know, putting up walls to keep everything out, and before they realize it\'s too late they become prisoner to that one thing. I have been a drug addict, incarcerated, homeless, and know what it\'s like. My faith is all I have, and i have become a prisoner of hope because my hope lies in the hands of the LORD. I pray that there is someone out there that would be willing to give me a chance with a Job, and a place to stay. This is simply a setup for something greater, because I cannot go back down the road I came from. If this has helped anyone, please feel free to contact me via Email:\r\n\r\nthanks for your prayers,\r\nkevin