Oct 06, 2014


Jun 19, 2014

Country Cookin in Culpeper will give WPRZ 10% of your pre-tax check when you dine with them Sunday, June 22 through Sunday, June 29, 2014.  Valid for breakfast, lunch and dinner, only at the Country Cookin in Culpeper located at 247 South Gate Shopping Center in Culpeper. 

When paying your bill, you must tell them that you are there in support of WPRZ! 

Jun 19, 2014

 Be the first to call with the correct answer to our Bible question and you will win a Ken Davis DVD filled with laughter!  Ken's mission is to share life-changing truth while making you laugh so hard your teeth hurt.  We've got a variety of different titles like, "Super Sheep", "I'm Not Okay", and "Lighten Up and Laugh!". Be listening for the details about each one on the air!  Thank you to Ken Davis for supplying WPRZ with these great DVDs to give away to you!

May 08, 2014

Lisa Lyons is a very talented local singer/songwriter who loves God, her family, Irish music, and oceans!!  Lisa’s latest CD “Flight of Freedom”  is a real gem and reflects them all!  We’ll be featuring Lisa’s songs throughout May and you can win this CD if you are the first to call in with the correct answer to our Bible question!  There is no age limit but you can only win once.  So be listening for your opportunity to win!

Apr 21, 2014
Apr 03, 2014

Be the first to answer our Bible question about the Easter Story and you will win a copy of Mark Biltz's new book "Blood Moons - Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs".  In this definitive book on the blood moons phenomenon, Pastor Mark Biltz, the authority on the subject, provides the key to understanding the divine link between prophecy, heavenly signs, historical events, and when they intersect.  Mark is founder of El Shaddai Ministries whose website has grown to two hundred thousand live streams or downloads from around the world every month.  So be listening to WPRZ and get ready to win this great book!

Mar 10, 2014

Be the first to call with the correct answer to our Bible Quiz Question and you will win!  We have a variety of great prizes this month including Stasi Eldridge’s DVD for Women "Becoming Myself: Embracing God's Dream of You".  Stasi is co-author with her husband John Eldridge of the best-selling book "Captivating".  In this DVD for women, Staci offers opportunities for a profound exploration of issues that affect every woman's life, and which often result in a burden of shame and fear.  "Becoming Myself" DVD series guides women in the process of embracing the person God is calling us to be.   Also we'll be giving away a variety of other items as well (for the men) so have your Bible handy and be listening for your chance to win!

Feb 10, 2014

Be the first to correctly answer our Bible question and you could win the new movie Seasons of Gray...a Modern Day Joseph Story on DVD, furnished to WPRZ by EchoLight Studios and Watermark Community Church!  The movie portrays the biblical tale of Joseph in a relevant and contemporary way - from betrayal to forgiveness. This movie is Dove approved for ages 12+. Or, you might win Kirk Cameron's new DVD Unstoppable furnished to WPRZ from Provident Films!  In this powerful presentation, Kirk Cameron investigates the origins of good and evil - and their impact on our lives today.  This movie is Dove approved. So get ready to win!  When you know the answer, call 540-727-9779 and if you are the first to call with the correct answer, you will win!  So be listening!!!