WPRZ Offices and Studio are Moving to Culpeper!

Be assured, our broadcast signal on 88.1 FM is not moving! Only our studios and offices are moving to a more central location within 88.1 FM’s coverage area!

We have felt God’s prompting us about moving ever since 88.1 FM went on the air! And what a fantastic location God is moving us to!!! After a relatively short time of searching for a new location and a long wait for our property to sell, it is all settled now and we are moving right into the heart of Culpeper at 219 East Davis Street, on the second floor of the Taft Building, right above Foti’s Restaurant!
It is another “God” story of how He is leading and watching over this ministry. After looking at various other places, we were actually at the table getting ready to sign a lease for a space in a small shopping center when God simply closed the door! It became absolutely clear that the space was too small and the price was too high! We felt like we were back at “square one” again. Then our agent said we should look at other properties now and said that just that day he got another space to rent that we should go look at where Social Services had moved out just the day before! He didn’t even have a price yet but we went immediately and, WOW, we knew this was the place! It’s a very old but restored building and the owner is working with us in every way making it affordable and customized to our operations!! The main studio will overlook East Davis Street and there is a huge room that will be our new multipurpose, development, prayer and conference room! There is also room for expansion when the time comes...and we know it will! All along, God was in control! His timing is perfect!!! He has once again made a way for us where there seemed to be no way!
Presently, about half our furniture and boxes are being stored in the building while the new space is being painted and some modifications are being made. We have 60 days to completely vacate Baldwin Street so we will continue to broadcast from there while we build our new studios at East Davis Street. We continue to be amazed as to how things have all fallen into place!!! God is absolutely amazing!!
We will keep you up to date with our progress! We plan to have an Open House when everything is complete and that probably will not be till Fall. Thank you for praying with us! God has answered!!