WPRZ-FM is Now Broadcasting from East Davis Street in Culpeper!

Finally, after a move that began June 24th, we went on-the-air September 3rd from our new “Studio B” which will eventually serve as our production room!!!  Our main studio which is “Studio A” is now under construction and we hope to have it operational in a couple of weeks!  So far, over 2000 feet of cables and various “lines” are running through the ceiling from location to location within our offices.  Moving our on-air operations was a very complicated task because of all the different sources we use to bring you such a wonderful variety of programming like National up to the minute News, local weather and emergency weather alerts, Bible teaching programs from all over the country as well as local ones, four different genres of music, as well as various programming from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  We have installed one of two state of the art studio boards that will enable us to easily perform various functions during the broadcast day that were difficult to do before...if possible at all.  There were a few days where we had to trace down some technical problems but we are pleased to say that they have all been found and fixed!  One big problem was caused by two little crossed wires done at the end of a 15-hour day spent running wires by one of our techs. He is to be commended for his skill and long hours working on this big project!!!!  Be assured that once we get settled and learn all the new things these boards can do we will be able to serve you, our listeners, even better!  We thank God for all this new technology, providing these new boards for us, and giving us the patience and skills to learn them!!!

We have been faced with some additional unexpected expenses as well as the cost of a required new receiver that we had to purchase from Moody in order to continue to air the network.  We are praying that we will be able to cover all these additional expenses as well as clean up two hefty bills we had that we were not able to pay in full from the sale of the property.

We are planning an “Open House” when we get our Main Studio completed and hope you will come by.  We’ll give you the date just as soon as we can.  Till then, please keep us in prayer and if God prompts you to send in an extra gift to help, we would be so grateful if you did!