WPRZ-FM "A Time to Share" and "Open House" November 8 & 9

You are invited to come to our new location on East Davis Street and see our new studios and office space!  We are so happy to be here! We will have refreshments and you will have the opportunity, if you like, to share over the air how WPRZ-FM has impacted your life.  We’ll be sharing where we are with meeting WPRZ-FM’s expenses and encouraging more listeners to get involved!  We’ll have some door prizes and a little gift for everyone who comes by.  We are looking forward to this special time with our friends!  If you can’t make it then, just come by anytime and have a cup of coffee with us and we’ll show you around the offices and studios. We’ll be sending out invitations with the details and pledge cards so please be watching for them!  WPRZ-FM needs your prayers and your help!!!