Update on WPRZ's Move to Culpeper!

Almost everything has been moved into our new offices! There is so much more room! We are especially blessed to have a large music and programming room now and a big conference/work room for gatherings, special projects and more! We hope to get internet sometime this week which we will be so grateful! We’ve been relying on our home internet connections in the meantime.

At this point everything has been moved from Baldwin Street except the main studio, the production room, and the satellite dish!  Moving these things are major projects that involve so many technical issues! Please keep this final step in your prayers as it is now time to begin moving the actual broadcast facilities. We will all be so happy to begin broadcasting from East Davis Street!!
We’re continuing to move boxes from various other places and getting them unpacked. We’re getting some of the pictures on the walls now, got a refrigerator and microwave, a couple really nice rugs, and are getting used to getting our mail early (a really good thing), town trash pick up, having close neighbors, and walking a block or two to get to the elevator. Life in town is really different! We know God has a special purpose for this move and we can’t wait to see what happens!   We are here to serve… and as we all work together, we can do it well!! We are looking ahead with great expectations!!!
Thank you to everyone who has helped with this major move to the town of Culpeper! Thank you to Shirley and Ed Nicodemus, Cindie, Lizzie, and Tommy Foster, Justin Anderson, Don, Sook and Hanna Brock, Tracy Werner, Steven Buchanan and Jeffrey Nicodemus. And a special “Thank You” to Tom Boyd with Remax Realty for his help with countless details encountered as we get settled in our new space.