New Time for "Turning Point" with Dr. David Jeremiah

     WPRZ is pleased to announce that “Turning Point” with David Jeremiah now airs Monday through Friday afternoons at 12 Noon!  This new time is in addition to their 12:30 AM and 5:30 AM airings.  We hope you’ll spend a good half hour at lunchtime listening to this great in depth Bible Study! 
     From June 2nd through July 3rd, Dr. Jeremiah will be teaching on the “Signs of the Second Coming”!  We encourage everyone to listen to what we know will be a fascinating study and we’ll find out exactly what the Bible has to say about the end times.  Some of the topics include “What Jesus Said About His Return”, “The Sheep and the Goats”, and “Tribulation Preachers”.  We encourage you to order this Bible Study so you can make notes and follow along with Dr. Jeremiah.  And, please, when you contact “Turning Point” or any of the great Bible Teaching Programs you hear on the station, please be sure to tell them you are listening on WPRZ-FM!!!